Lots of New Yarn Colors and Other Products!

We've been busy over the last few months here at FlyTyingYarn.com ordering, packaging, photographing, and tying with dozens of new yarn colors and other items. These items are now live on the site and ready to ship. Here's a rundown of the new products:

New UV Yarns

We've got 30 new wool yarns in the store, and two of them are from a small farm in central New York, Flora and Fauna Farm. The really interesting thing about these two yarns is that they are UV-reactive, meaning that to a trout's eye (trout and certain other fish can see UV light), they'll glow. We believe this is the first UV fly tying yarn out there, and we've got it in two colors:

New Spindrift Colors

The 28 other new yarn colors are all Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift varieties, bringing the total number of Spindrift yarns we offer to 93. Here are the new colors:

These are some absolutely awesome colors! Don't know where to start? Check out Mirry Dancers, Dog Rose, Damask, and Black/Moorit. Quantities of all new yarns are somewhat limited, so if you see a color you like in stock, jump on it. It'll probably be a couple of weeks before we're able to get more.

And yes, the Wool Yarn Color Guide has been updated to show all of the new yarns.

Updated Spindrift Yarn Bundle

Want to buy all of the Spindrift yarns we offer at once? The Spindrift Wool Yarn Bundle includes all 93 of them. Add them all to your cart in one fell swoop to save yourself a lot of money and clicking.

We have only 4 of these in stock, so again, act fast if you're interested.

Hooks and Feathers

We now offer scud hooks (sizes 10 and 12), wet fly/nymph hooks (sizes 10 and 12), and 2-packs of black stiff hackle (size 12) feathers.

One More Accessory

Ever needed a way to measure out lengths of yarn at the fly tying bench? Us too. That's why we now offer the Fly Tying Ruler.