Currently Shipping Only to the US and Canada

Well, this is a bummer, but I've just changed the store settings so that we currently ship only to the US and Canada. When initially launched, we shipped to every country. Since then, we have indeed shipped to several countries around the world. But earlier in the year, we had to pull out of shipping to the UK due to Brexit-related issues. And just now I've has to remove Australia and New Zealand as shipping destinations because the United States Postal Service (USPS) is currently not shipping there due to COVID-19 related safety issues (more info on that here.)

Because the UK and Australia made up the bulk of non-North American orders (and because several other countries besides those are affected by COVID-19 shipping issues), it's simpler for us to simply close down the shop to everyone outside of North America. We're sorry for the hassle this has caused, and we hope to be able to open back up a bit wider as things get better in the future.