Why Use Yarn for Fly Tying?

Yarn has several benefits as a fly tying material:

1. It's cheap

Here at FlyTyingYarn.com you can get 8 different colors/kinds of yarn for $20. That's a bargain. It's the cheapest way to tie different styles of flies.

2. It's easy to work with

Yarn is not a finicky material that requires finesse to tie with. For the most part, you just wrap it around the hook shank. It is a beginner-friendly fly tying material.

3. It comes in lots of fun colors

We offer 70+ colors of yarn for you to choose from. Go crazy!

4. It's versatile

Yarn can be used to tie just about any style of fly, including wet flies, dry flies, streamers, and nymphs.

5. It's effective

This is maybe the most important benefit. Yarn flies catch fish, period. The shaggy material just screams "eat me" to any trout in its path.